Knitted Baby Vests

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There are 20 vests in the collection of new knit baby vests, all of which are handcrafted.

Mothers know the baby vests are very useful in terms of baby health and comfort. When they awaken from sleep, when they are removed from their beds to breastfeed or change the bottom, we immediately put on vests underneath them so that the back and chest areas do not get cold. In everyday use, baby vests, which are savior for every mother with practicality and convenience, should be made of healthy materials such as wool or felt.

Vests, which provide the comfort and health of the baby, are started to be prepared before birth, and this clothing will be needed from the newborn period. While ready-made garments and baby stores can be found with various types, knitted baby vests are mostly preferred by mothers.In this episode, I will tell you an elegant example of baby vests that are crocheted and fluffy.

The necessary materials are 6 number crochet and medium thickness soft baby wool.

We start by pulling 50 stitch chains to our 1 Pofurduk vest.
2 We are passing 47 frequent needles on top of our chain.
3 with 57 increments and 57 frequent needles
4 in order to make another 10 increments, 67 of which are frequent.

In this way, by increasing 10 pieces in each row, 97 stitches and six rows complete this section.

You can also convert this vest to the scarf if you wish, as are other knitted baby vest models that go all the way to the front and back. In the meantime we are making two peanuts by making two peanuts between them. After 9 rows, we put the roba part up to 6 rows with two handles between the two shafts.

Of course, at the beginning of the roba, which will be under the full arm, we raise 16 handrails in both arm compartments. In the next row, we progressively subtract 7 rows and finish at the side.

As we have seen in many baby vest models designs, we walk around the front of our vest with frequent needles in 3 rows.

If the button is to be placed in the closing section, it is useful to place the marrow holes.

If you want to make it a little more ornate for girls, you can also complete this section with an elegant game.