The best potato and chicken pancakes with only 5 ingredients!

Set up the best potato flapjacks with chicken with this straightforward formula.

You just need 5 fixings and brief period to make this supper finish.

Time: 20 min. approx.

Servings: 4 approx.


2 cups cooked and destroyed chicken bosom

4 extensive potatoes, peeled and cut in medium shapes

1 egg

2 tablespoons of prepared chicken soup

½ measure of vegetable oil

Set up these tasty potato hotcakes with just 5 fixings. It is an extremely basic formula for which you won’t need to spend throughout the day in the kitchen. This formula has a great deal of flavor and it is flawless in the event that you serve it with a rich red sauce. This formula captivates youngsters and grown-ups, attempt it!


Cook the potatoes in a pot with bubbling water and two teaspoons of salt; cook on high warmth for 10 minutes.

Crush potatoes until squashed.

Include the chicken, the chicken bouillon powder and the egg; Mix until the point that everything is very much consolidated.

Frame the flapjacks and broil them in a container with hot oil; cook them for three minutes on each side.

Place the potato flapjacks with chicken on kitchen paper to evacuate the overabundance oil.

Serve potato flapjacks with chicken and appreciate.