Chocolate cookie

Chocolate treat

Arrangement: Let’s put somewhat salt in the dissolved chocolate and let it cool. Blend margarine and powder sugar with a blender for 1-2 minutes. How about we include chocolates and eggs out of sight. I will include and cool the flour, cocoa and preparing powder.

We will get a treat batter in my delicate, non-sticky match. How about we roll the ball round. We should put our treats to 180 degrees.

Following 5 minutes I’ll split the treats with a cooking spoon rapidly without getting too a long way from the broiler. The tape was evacuated for around 1 minute keeping in mind the end goal to have the capacity to indicate detail, This splitting is for the treat not to look full.

In the wake of breaking, how about we keep cooking for 16-18 minutes. When you’re out of the broiler, it must be somewhat harder. How about we sit tight for the liners to cool totally.

When it is chilled, let it chocolates on. At long last, 1 nuts can be put on it. Make the most of your feast