Caramel turtle donuts

Caramel Turtle Donuts!

My most loved blend ever is chocolate and caramel.

Toss in a few Pecans and you have yourself a turtle doughnut!

Why turtle you may inquire?

This unique mix of chocolate, caramel and pecans made into little nibble estimate confections looks like a turtle and the name stuck.

So now basically anything that is made of chocolate, caramel and pecans can in fact be named a turtle treat and everybody will know it is a blend of those three fixings somehow shape or frame.

Today I made doughnuts and let me let you know – this is one doughnut that eats like an amazing pastry!

Beyond any doubt you can have these for breakfast, after all chocolate is the breakfast of heroes; however this doughnut can be served up as a heavenly treat regardless!

Cake doughnuts were forever my top pick.

I would take a chocolate cake doughnut over a yeast raised and filled donut any day.

So for me, this sodden chocolate cake doughnut stacked up with caramel and pecans at that point loaded up with a spot of fudge in the inside is my doughnut incomparable!

*You will see I am utilizing palm sugar glue for my caramel formula, I do favor making caramel out of palm sugar glue, however you can utilize another sugar on the off chance that you like.