Table Runner

Table linen

Table linens are a cool thing to show when your visitors come over. In any case, why purchase a table linen when you can make one of your own?

All you require:

• Acrylic Paints (four hues work best)

• Acrylic Fabric Medium

• Plain Cotton/Linen table cloth

• Large potato (endeavor to pick a generally smooth one. On the off chance that you utilize in excess of four hues, cut enough shapes for each shading)

• Knife

• Bowls (to blend the hues)

• Old Spoon

• Paintbrush

• Old Newspaper (to ensure your workspace)

• Iron

• Old T-shirt/muslin/texture

Stage 1:

First of all, slash the potatoes into 4, utilizing a sharp blade, and gesture of congratulations it dry with the assistance of the old material. Presently, blend an equivalent bit of paint and texture/material medium in a bowl.

Stage 2:

Begin painting one side of the potato with the paint (don’t touch as it would wind up being muddled) and put it onto the texture. While putting it onto the texture, ensure that you put even weight onto the potato, with the goal that the shading turns out well. Rehash a similar procedure to finish the structure.

Stage 3:

When the printing is done, given it a chance to dry totally and afterward press it (don’t steam press it). While pressing it, put an old fabric on the two sides of the sprinter with the goal that the shading doesn’t stick. Furthermore, voila, your DIY table linen is prepared.

Cheerful making!